Month: June 2018

What Happens After You Have Installed Your War Robots APK For PC Use

To get your contribution to the war effort off of the ground, you are going to need to stack up on troops and barracks right away. Apparently there is only one sure way to do this so just knuckle down and follow the original guidelines as far as you can. Make sure though that you have got your war robots apk for pc use installed. Without that you are in no man’s land. You may as well consider yourself nuked before you have even tried. 

war robots apk for pc

For good measure, just follow all instructions given to you in your guide. Do this until you reach the stage where you will need to refer to your map and start gathering in some other resources. When you are on the map you will be clicking onto a little world map icon. Once you have done that you then need to click onto a royal castle. It is at this point that you might want to start donating some flowers to one of the realm’s top three alliances.

As a blood thirsty warlord you might be wondering how any of this gimmick makes any sense. Just keep reading through your guide. And you could even extend your research to war matter elsewhere. Study a bit of the history on how all the great battles were fought and you will soon see that it is all about the strategy, the meetings, the talking and the diplomacy and less about the fighting.

That comes later when all else has failed. Unless of course you are a bloodthirsty tyrant who just happens to love to kill and maim just for the fun of it. But of course, this persona is not going to get anywhere in this game. And there you go. Strategy, and strategise. The flowers that were handed over carry no benefits for the warlord that receives them. It is you who get to reap the rewards, and you get this for free too.

Right, we’re off. We’re war robots and we’ve got some killing to do.