Thank you for your interest in Brookemont Capital (BKT -- TSX.V). Brookemont is a junior miner that has multiple projects throughout Canada.

BKT has the Kenagami Hydrothermal Graphite Prospect and has discovered a large TDEM conductive anomaly on the Kenagami Hydrothermal Graphite prospect in Ontario. This anomaly measures approximately 800 metres by 500 metres and was outlined using the airborne survey.

BKT also has the "Albany East" Hydrothermal Graphite Prospect in Ontario. This new prospect is bordering Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. (ZEN-TSX Venture). Based on Geological Survey of Canada and Ontario Department of Mines aeromagnetic airborne data, a magnetic depression outlined on the BKT claims measures over 1.5 miles (2.6km) by 1 mile (1.6km) using the scale on the aeromagnetics map.

BKT also has land prospective for aluminous clay and rare earth in the Gaspe Bay Region of Quebec. This prospect lies directly north the Grand-Vallée Deposit of Orbite Aluminae Inc.

Additionally, multiple work programs on our white gold property in the Yukon have been completed and a multi-element anomaly has been encountered. This prospect is bordering Kinross (K -- TSX) formerly Underworld Resource's "White Gold" deposit.

Aluminous Clay Prospect, Quebec
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White Gold, Yukon
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Constance Lake
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Kenagami Graphite
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